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You missed my point

Most people don't know how to construct a proper Google search because:

(1) They don't know how to include whole phrases using quotation marks.
(2) They don't know how to exclude certain words using the minus-symbol.
(3) They don't which words to use in the search so they end up with results that are either far too broad or narrow.

I regularly am approached by people who have tried but failed to locate critical information, who spent hours doing Google searches, and more often than not, I can find precisely what they are seeking in a few minutes. These are people who are not lazy -- they just don't understand how to conduct a proper search. (I'm an investigative reporter)

As for people being too lazy to search at all, that happens too, but now a days, I come across many who either try but don't have a clue, or people who only use Google to find websites that support their pre-conceived notions.

(In response to this post by AcousticHoo)

Posted: 04/19/2017 at 11:09PM


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