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The ratings system is a crap shoot...doesn't mean a whole lot IMO

All the ratings system is supposed to do is tell you how physically and mentally (to some extent) a high school kid is to be able to compete as an impact player at the college level.

A 5-star player is considered to be an immediate impact and potential star player and could be inserted immediately into your lineup.

A 4-star player is considered to be an immediate impact player and likely could start with minimal adjustment and/or development.

A 3-star player is considered to be a good athlete who can develop into a solid contributor and/or impact player.

A 2-star player is considered to be an FBS-level athlete but may require work. This is also the default rating given to kids who generally are regarded as FBS-caliber athletes but have not yet been evaluated by a rating service.

A 1-star player may be a solid high school player and can contribute to an FCS school.

There is no guarantee that a 5-star player will be able to make the adjustment in college and be the impact player they were expected to be (i.e. Michael Johnson, RB, UVA). They may have the tools to be something special, but they may also not be able to adjust to college life, academics, or the grind of big-time college football.

Likewise, quite often a 4-star player may come in and, with minimal development, may jump ahead of other higher-rated athletes and become more of an impact player (i.e. Wali Lundy, RB, UVA).

The same can be said for many 3-star players. The potential is there to develop any of these players (they may have a high ceiling for development, but may be raw or under-developed physically, such as D'rickshaw Ferguson, OL, UVA).

Then you have the diamonds in the rough who were either overlooked during the recruiting process or simply didn't get the respect they deserved as a 2-star. These players may, with the right coaching, work ethic, and positive attitude, may accelerate up the charts and be a significant contributor (i.e. Brandon Alberts, OL Billy McMullen, WR and Brad Butler, OL).

The key is proper development of these kids once you get them in the door. You don't need a team full of 4 and 5-star kids to have a winning football program (it helps, but it doesn't guarantee anything). You can do just fine with a bunch of 3-star players if you coach and develop them well (see Boise State, BYU, Utah, etc.).

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Posted: 04/18/2017 at 10:24AM

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