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Why should UNC be in sports purgatory?

Perhaps you are too young to remember things that brought limited to no punishment like:

1) The Arlington DB making less than 600 on his SAT, but then signing with Baylor and scoring 1300. Results - no punishment for Baylor; kid declared ineligible but starting two years at Nebraska and then for the Chiefs

2) Ball HS kids having their transcripts altered to gain admission to D-1. They had to sit out a year.

3) Multiple programs having players take incompletes in the classes to maintain eligibility until after the bowl game. Then they go to local community college for the spring semester to make up the hours.

4) Hundreds having papers written for them, tests taken for them, financial benefits provided for them and their families with little or no punishment.

The less knowledgeable point to USC, who got ZERO punishment other than Pete Carroll leaving before the hammer fell, albeit a hammer made of marshmellows. Oklahoma was banned from TV and bowl games, but it had absolutely no bearing on their success, revenue, or national ranking. It did make for a scalpers paradise. (I turned down $1,000+ from buyers on Parry Ave the morning of the game because I wasn't going spend 4 hours next to some cretin from the DustBowl who didn't even know the words to his school song.)

Did UNC cheat? Sure. Were they good at it? Less than amateur. Will they do it again? Absolutely. My suggestion is that if you want to be pissed at UNC, start with them upping the ante by being the first to pay $100,000 for a player.

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Posted: 04/17/2017 at 11:35PM

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