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Womens Basketball

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Don't think WMBA can afford to pay her enough

I cut and pasted this from a site called

"How much does a WNBA team make per year?
The WNBA normally plays 34 games a season.At $15 (avg ticket) x 8,000 (avg attendance)= $120,000 per game. $120,000 x 34= $4,080,000.
Who is the highest paid Coach in the WNBA?
Mike Thibault has the highest wins in the WNBA and won Coach of the year in 2013. He is the highest paid Coach and is currently getting $150,000 per year.
How much does a WNBA team get to distribute to the players and coaches?
The average NBA teams salary cap is about $55 million dollars. The average salary cap for the WNBA is about $891,000. A role player in the NBA makes more money coming off the bench.
Are there any bonuses in the WNBA? What are they?
Among the few bonuses in the league, a player on the WNBA Champion teams get a bonus of $10,500. The MVP of the league gets an extra $15,000. The Rookie of the Year is awarded $5,000 and a players who makes the All-Star team sees $2,500."
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