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So glad to see Dawn Staley as an NCAA champion.

As a player, Staley and the rest of her Cavaliers team should have had that championship in 1991: At one point in the game, a ref blew a whistle to call a foul on Tennessee, away from the ball, but one of the Burge sisters already had launched the ball from 3-point land...and the ball went through the basket. The whistle was blown just before the swish, but the basket was erroneously discounted. The TV crew even showed this over again in slow-motion replay, remarking that the basket should count. All things considered equal, that basket would have prevented Tennessee from tying the game and sending it into overtime.

Glad to see Dawn finally get her due in the NCAAs.

Posted: 04/03/2017 at 7:17PM


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So glad to see Dawn Staley as an NCAA champion. -- Battman 04/03/2017 7:17PM