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Observation about NBA v college officiating

Ok, I just saw Taj Gibson for OKC double dribble 3 times in the lane and it wasn't called. He had the ball in both hands standing still, dribbled, took a step or 3 during the dribble, caught the ball with both hands, and did that 3 times. I can see where the ref missed this once, but 3 times is crazy. (I guess you get one, so two of them were illegal.) This kind of thing happens all the time in the NBA, which is one reason that league is hard to watch until the playoffs.

College is bad too but one thing I've noticed this week is many more traveling calls when players catch a pass, then move both feet before dribbling. I've seen that called 5-6 times between the NIT and NCAA tourneys this past week. That's more than I've seen it called in years.

Posted: 03/20/2017 at 8:59PM


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