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Something for EPL fans to consider.

The UK Parliament is about to vote to leave the European Union (the Brexit). The House of Lords had added an amendment to the implementing legislation protecting the presence of citizens from EU within the UK (in the hope that EU countries would reciprocate). The House of Commons removed that amendment, so it will not be in the final version that's passed. Theoretically all UK work visas granted to folks from the EU could vanish.

According to the latest statistics, ~ 2/3 of the players on EPL rosters are from outside England. If all the players from EU countries have to leave the EPL, can players from the other regions pick up the slack or will the quality of play significantly drop off? The "good news" in the view of the FA is that more English players will be able to play in the EPL (currently only 39% of the available minutes are played by English players). The "bad news" is the sponsorship money currently coming into the English clubs could fall off if European players stay home and make their leagues more popular.

Posted: 03/15/2017 at 11:15AM


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Something for EPL fans to consider. -- HowieT3 03/15/2017 11:15AM